Quit Smoking Tips That Can Change Your Life!

Do you want to quit smoking?
Do you need to quit smoking?
Would you like a few stop smoking tips?

Why should you stop smoking (smoking cessation)? Smoking cessation is when a person tries to stop smoking tobacco products. Nicotine (a chemical in tobacco) is an very addictive substance, especially when inhaled because of the rapid absorption through the lungs. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco use is one of the major causes of death worldwide.

I can share with you, a few powerful quit smoking tips that can help you to become a non-smoker. These tips will help to stop smoking!

What You Need To Quit Smoking Once For All

I read once a quip that made me smile – ‘Who says quitting smoking is difficult? I have quit it five times and there is nothing to it.’

Yes, usually this is what happens. You think you stopped smoking for good and that addiction (habit) is behind you. Then, for whatever reason – you smoke a cigerate – and then suddenly and unexpectedly,you're back on the "addiction trial"!

In your mind, this is just a one-time-smoke bit; nothing to worry about. This would be like having an occasional slice of that special "double chocolate cake" when your dieting.

However, in no time, you find yourself ‘treating’ yourself to that mouth watering "double chocolate cake" on a regular basis, and then "suddenly" you are back to smoking regularly again.

You need to know and keep in mind that getting back to smoking is extremely easy.

You also need to know what you would encounter when you attempt to stop smoking.

The withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant and painful!

Are you ready to tackle this problem head on?

Do you know what medication can help you with the withdrawal symptoms?

Did you know that there are quit smoking pills that can really help you with the withdrawal symptoms?

Do you know how long it takes to get rid of the habit? You need to have nerves of steel and really commit yourself to get rid of this toxic habit.

The Difference Between Success And Failure
10 Great Quit Smoking Tips

1. The first quit smoking tip is...never buy your own cigarettes! Basically this tip is that if you smoke you would need someone to offer you one. Most people do not like to share their cigarettes on a regular basis and if you are identified as one who is out for freebies, you would very soon be a loner.

2. The second quit smoking tip is..never/ever carry a pack of cigarettes with you. By not carrying a pack with you means that you cannot depend on having a cigarette when you need one – behavior change – and hence, you would outgrow the dependency on it over time.

3. Identify your triggers; find out which activities you link with smoking such as dealing with boredom, hunger, drinking alcohol or coffee. Avoid these triggers and others such as smoking environments.

4. Make your car, home and office completely smoke free. Write down the pros and cons of smoking for your health, your family, your social life, your finances and your mental health.

5. Use coping strategies to deal with stress like deep breathing. Try keeping a smoke diary and write down everytime you get a craving and how you are feeling at that particular moment.

6. Chew gum, sugar free candies or have a low fat low sugar snack whenever you are having a craving.

7. Smoke only ½ of the cigarette or change to a brand that you do not like.

8. Change your routines (go for a walk after meals instead of having a cigarette).

9. Drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids, especially water

10. Delay the time between each cigarette. Only smoke the cigarettes you "must have" and see if you can drop the rest.

Good luck in your effort to quit smoking! Feel free to leave any tips to helped you control or quit the Nicotine Monster by leaving a comment!